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Homework due in 17/01

As it it Martin Luther King, Jr. Day on the 15th of this month, I would like you to design an information poster on Martin Luther King Jr. with lots of interesting facts, details and images. Try to get an idea of why he is an important figure in American history and why he might tie in with our “In an Ideal World” topic. Good luck!

Homework for 13th December

In Year 6, we find nothing gets us in the Christmas mood quite like a bit of maths. So as a festive treat, why not have a go at the BODMAS Maths Mosaic. Sadly, I can’t put these online without the answers also revealing themselves, so if anyone needs another sheet, just ask me in class and I can arrange this. Remember, all you need to do for BODMAS is remember what the letters stand for as this tells you the order for the calculations. Enjoy!


Following the conclusion of our class book “The Journey” by Francesca Sanna, I would love to read all your thoughts on it. I have attached two book review templates – you only need to choose one to complete. Should you wish to include an illustration from the book, I would love to see that too.  Happy writing!

Book Review template

Winners of the Picture Book Competition

After hours of deliberation, Miss Gelder and I have selected the winners of the Picture Book Competition. The winners will receive a book of their choice from the upcoming book fair. Thank you to everyone who entered, it has been a pleasure reading all of your books.

The winners are…

Year 1 – Renee S. (“Johnny and the T.Rex”)
Year 2 – Eva W. (“Poppy’s Perfect Pattern”)
Year 3 – Milo H.R. (“Spotty Cow”)
Year 4 – George B. and Holly P. (“The Monster” , “The Story of the Sea”)
Year 5 – Ella M. (“Rock Hard”)
Year 6 – Amy H. (“Maul Changes”)

Children in Need – Dance Dash!

Headcorn raised £227 for Children in Need. Thank you for your donations.

Picture Book Competition

Thank you for all the competition entries. We have read some of the books out in Assembly, but we would like all the classes to read the books before we announce the winners on Friday 17th November. A box with all the books in is going from class to class – happy reading!

War Haiku Poems

Year 6 have been thoroughly enjoying the class book, “Stay Where You Are and Then Leave”. The author John Boyne even gave us a “like” on Twitter after seeing photos of our stunning assembly performance.

This week we have been working on haiku poems. Here’s just a few of the magnificent creations below. You can find more on the class display in the hall!  

Play and Punishment

Hello all! It has been a really busy week in Year 6. Not only did we receive an incredibly enlightening visit from three lovely magistrates, but we have also been rehearsing constantly in preparation for our play performances next week.

Don’t forget to book your tickets folks. They are going like hot cakes!

A role play about the consequences of breaking the law:

Is it time for a hero?

Maths Sites

Here are a couple of useful links for revising maths topics. Try to test yourselves with a couple of examples and then write a question or two yourself for a friend to solve. Good luck!

Homework Maths

For those Lions, who would like to really test themselves with the Scorching Hot Challenge, just click on the link. The answers for this one are here.

If you want to find the answers for the boiling challenge, just click here.

And finally, the answers for the hot challenge can be found here.

Have a great Easter holiday! We are almost there!